Sunday, September 28, 2014

Grandma poem



a girl in a small church dressed in all black

 staring at the coffin thinking of all the hurtful 

things she said to her grandma she never

got the chance to say sorry she never thought of you she was only thinking about herself she never wanted to hurt

her grandma she then remembered all the good times when she was younger i feel ashamed of what i did to you  you 

gave me

everything i wish i could go back into time

and take back what i said i wish i could put my 

arms around you right now you taught my mom

to speak up for herself you taught her to stay strong    

you taught both of us to fight for whats 

right when halloween came you knew how to embarrass 

your children you touched our hearts you 

will always be part of me  i will never     

 give up you taught me that you told me to talk to mangers if anyone gives me problems in any store

Monday, September 1, 2014

Poem for Robin Williams

You made me

I saw your movies you made me laugh you made 
Me cry you made me smile you inspired 
Everyone to do there best you said “Thank you for believing.”
And I will never stop believing you made me laugh you made me 
Cry you made me smile we now are grieving our loss of a comedy
King you will always be in our hearts forever and forever more you made me
Laugh you made me cry you made me smile 

By lauren            RIP robin Williams