Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I sure love movies. I love true stories for movies like the Blind Side and Secretariat. There are a lot of Disney movies I like a lot and they are Princess Protection Program and Remember The Titans. but I also like to watch action and adventure movies like Tomb Raider, National Treasure and I even like movies with horses. I like any thing that Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan are in. I even like comedies as well and some of them include 50 First Dates, Big, Big Daddy, Hitch, The Game Plan. also movies are not just movies to me they are my life. I love movies.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

starfire u

i am now a sophmore and i bet you are thinking why i am writing a blog well it all started when my mom and i were talking about online jorunals and blogs so when i started this whole blog thing i wrote a few things about what i did at starfire. but just a few weeks back i met this national blogger annd she wanted me to blog every day so you will be seeing another blog tomorrow and the next day and the next day well you get it. she had also gave me more ideas to blog about. well it is a quite a stormy day today it looks like we might have more snow coming tonight. i know mom you REALLY don't want it to snow. well i have to get going i wll see you later. ...or will she .

final four

hey guys i am really sorry that i never got back to blogging. but i am now back because i have decided to keep on blogging. so my guess that you want to know more about what i do with starfire and my life. so here i go. i am now a sophomore at starfire and i am a part of to different groups well at least one of the groups is a committee and it is for the final four fly away and that i a fundraiser that the money goes to the fundraiser. it is all about the basketball, auctions, food and lots of fun.