Sunday, August 11, 2013

WHO AM I poem

This poem is inspired by my dad and you can also hear it on a podcast on Women Writing for a Change. the podcast is called In My World - Writing in Community.

Am I a part of a royal family am I adopted where are
they are they still in Spain are they still alive or did they die oh I hope
that they didn't die all I know is that my dad is Spanish and
my mom was a student in Spain who am I a part of
a  imperial family that was in the past that was
never uncovered
who am I am I adopted all I want is to find my parents I also know that I
was adopted twice

All I want was that my dad would be able to find his parents
weather they are alive or they passed so why did they not give him a answer
by now or did they really wanted to be found is it cause it's a hidden
secret and they don't want anyone to know cause they happen to be a
royal family or even celebrities

       by Lauren