Sunday, August 30, 2009

last week at starfire U

on Monday I had a friends/relationships class and we talked about dating. then at 11:00 i had lunch and i don't remember what my lunch was but it was really good. then in the afternoon we were going to volunteer at crossroads which is a church. but crossroads was closed Because the staff was doing a staff we got to do something else. on Tuesday we had to cook,host,and eat a luncheon with the sophomores and we had this taco casserole. then in the afternoon we went bowling at Madison bowl. on Wednesday my team and team E went to coney island and we had a blast. on Friday we stayed in house in the morning and we had two people come in and talked to us about leaders In action which is a bunch of different meetings. then we were going to entertainment junction but it was out of are budget so we got to stay at starfire U and we got to play pool,squirt guns, corn hole,and play wii.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

starfire U

This month is going to be fun at Starfire U because there are going to be new things to do like Reds games, Coney Island, and getting ready for the Starfire Bowl-a-thon.

I did not mention that the freshmen won last week for the penny wars. You might or might not have heard about the penny wars for your schools. the penny wars is the contest between the freshmen and the sophomores and it's a way of collecting money. the class who wins gets to have the name of their year on the bowl-a-thon t-shirt and a pizza party.

The freshmen also get to plan a luncheon for the sophomores and we are also cooking and hosting the luncheon as well. oh i forgot that we also get to eat with the sophomores as well. I will tell you how it goes.