Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Birthday

Since I am with my mom today I will celebrate my birthday and for dinner I am going to this pasta place and then if it is before 9:00 we would go to orange leaf (yeah we have one in Cincinnati, Ohio). Then I just might open my gifts up and probably watch one of my presents from my mom and her mom as well. My guess is that there might be more from other people as well. I will be 24. My real birthday is on may 27Th. On my real birthday I will be with my dad. I will be bringing in brownies into starfire so that I can celebrate my birthday with my friends.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

work \ krogers

I work at Kroger's and I have been working there for eleven  years. I am a bagger so I am in front and sometimes I have to get carts from outside and bring them back in. But Kroger's had to close to remodel in January. It was closed until May 12. While they were remodeling, I had to move to another Kroger that was close to me.

Last week, my store reopened on the twelfth, and I got to work on Grand Opening Day and to tell you the truth it was a zoo!! When I got there I saw a really big line. I had to go around the line just to get in before seven. Yeah I knew that it was going to be a long and busy day for everyone.

Since it is a new Kroger, it is really hard to find anything because of the new layout of the store. Someone could not find the pickles, so I told them that the pickles were in aisle four.