Thursday, January 16, 2014


 This here is about my podcast and you can even listen to it as well.    In My World - Writing in Community

Annette Januzzi Wick hosts this special episode of The Podcast Edition, welcoming her Writing in Community class to the microphone.Starfire_Podcast_-_Low_Res

Participants in this class are fromStarfire U, an organization which connects young adults with developmental disabilities to others sharing similar interests, as well as writers from the greater community who have offered of themselves and their words.

Courtney Kerby, Starfire advisor, begins the discussion on what it means to be connected in our community today. Guests take listeners on a journey through seeking one’s parents, becoming an author of children’s poetry, breaking the surface with fictional characters, and descriptions of a child who wants to be free.  

Along the way, members share stories of opening up, being in places they shouldn’t be, school-related musings, and recognizing kindness.  Each guest offers their insights on creating with like-minded writers, and how participants equally invest in the writing and each other. 

Photo: l-r: Lauren Froh, Ellen Austin-Li, Carol Workman, Eva Lewandowski, Nicole Johnson, Caitlyn Rettenmaier, Courtney Calhoun, Michelle Dunford, Annette Januzzi Wick.

The order of readers is listed below, as well as the writer’s blog:

Lauren Froh - Lauren Froh Blogspot

Courtney Kerby

Nicole Johnson - Nicole's Kids Poetry

Eva Lewandowski - Core Coaching

Michelle Dunford - Harry Potter Stories

Caitlyn Rettenmaier - Global Scissors

Carole Workman - Learning My Life 2012

Ellen Austin-Li - In the Garden of My Dreams

Not appearing, but also in class:

Jackiedra Wilson - Have Less Spend Less

Since 1993, Starfire has been offering innovative programs that address the emerging needs of teens and adults with developmental disabilities. The organization is committed to reducing the isolation of these individuals through development of social and community skills as well as peer integration.